Stevenson Hendrick Toyota

Website Redesign

The Goal

Stevenson Hendrick Toyota was looking for an new website provider to increase their leads and give users a better UI experience while searching for a vehicle in their area. They also needed various web elements, such as custom homepage content for SEO value and an editable navigation bar.

The Outcome

Stevenson Hendrick Toyota switched from their previous website provider to Sokal. We created a fully responsive website with custom design features and content. Within 30 days, their leads increased by 44 percent.

Stevenson Hendrick Toyota Desktop View


Many of Sokal鈥檚 clients are dealerships, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted Toyota partner when it comes to developing secure and effective dealership websites. Our leadership team went to meet with the Stevenson dealership managers to discuss the capabilities of a Sokal website. They wanted a solid way to find out where leads were coming from, as their previous system was not providing enough data. We provided them with custom website features to deliver better data mining. Our in-house management application allows Stevenson dealership managers to view and configure lead recipient information.

Stevenson Hendrick Toyota Mobile View

While Sokal鈥檚 team of web builders make sure that Stevenson鈥檚 site is functioning properly, the dealership managers have access to edit their website features like special coupons, inventory, site navigation, and department content鈥攁ll through one backend application specific to Sokal.

Project Scope

  • Light blue chevronWebsite Development
  • Light blue chevronUX/UI
  • Light blue chevronLead Tracking
  • Light blue chevronSEO
  • Light blue chevronInventory Database


Sokal provided a fully customizable website with responsive design so viewers could peruse inventory on any platform, as shown above. Because of the quality data our in-house tools provide, Stevenson Henrick Toyota's leads jumped from 166 to 239 in just one month -- between July and August 2018.

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Stevenson Hendrick Toyota Search Results

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