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SEO Performance

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Sokal’s SEO team is dedicated to making sure your website dominates your competitors in local search engine results. Our goal is to improve your ranking during Internet searches to widen your scope of potential clients and extend the reach of your website.

What You Get:

  • Light blue chevronOptimized website content around customer searches
  • Light blue chevronCustom package plans tailored to your company’s SEO needs
  • Light blue chevronGuaranteed increase in long-term search visibility
  • Light blue chevronIndustry-leading SEO content and digital marketing edge
  • Light blue chevronLocal search enhancement to attract your market
  • Light blue chevronExperts familiar with every industry, specializing in automotive companies

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a digital service that tailors your web pages to the appeal of search engines to push your company’s site into a higher ranking. Our team works hard to keep you on top and in the direct eyesight of potential customers. Sokal’s advanced network of resources helps us increase your ranking and keep you ahead of the wavering digital climate and shifts in search engine algorithms. You will see an increase in organic traffic and a resulting advancement in success. We work with companies across the country to improve their website text, ranking, and overall organic success. Sokal’s SEO team offers an arrangement of packages so that you can get the service you need at a price that is right for you.

Sokal’s platform is naturally optimized around your business location. All Sokal websites include metadata optimization services, model research page creation and maintenance, and site maintenance, which include 301 redirects, slugs, and more. These features are included at no extra cost to ensure that your site has the basic framework essential for building a successful website and a wider scope of potential clients. Contact our SEO experts to learn more about our packages, built to meet your individual company needs.

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Pay Per Click

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Take control over your company’s conversion rate with Sokal’s PPC team. Targeted keyword advertisements within consumer visibility range are a proven method of increasing your company’s web traffic, making it essential to growing the success of your business. Our experts have the skill and the technology needed to target the lowest funnel traffic and optimize the reach of your PPC services. If you are looking for an agency guaranteed to increase your number of conversions and leads with targeted search advertisements, Sokal’s pay-per-click department is the power team you need on your side.

What You Get:

  • Light blue chevronThe best of current pay-per-click services
  • Light blue chevronInventory Marketing Program to strategize sales
  • Light blue chevronPremier Google Partners and Bing Select Partners
  • Light blue chevronNew leads and increased conversions for your website
  • Light blue chevronThe latest features and beta programs
  • Light blue chevronElite advertising visibility

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is the industry’s first-line defensive player in getting clients noticed within the competitive digital market. Our PPC specialists will navigate wavering trends within the search engine domain to direct the flow of website traffic to your landing page, specifically employing your market’s keywords. Sokal’s PPC experts are experienced in targeting the lowest funnel traffic for your search, which means more efficiency in the use of your money to reach the right people at the right time. When our PPC experts reach your client market, they will strategically share the vehicles on your lot with our Inventory Marketing Program. This feature accesses your vehicle inventory and uses it to market the vehicles on your lot. Our team is constantly re-optimizing PPC strategies to stay ahead of your competition in the constantly growing digital market.

PPC is proven to help increase your number of monthly leads and conversions; this service is the key to success for businesses hoping to beat out the competition in consumer visibility and increased brand awareness. Sokal’s PPC experts are Premier Google Partners and Bing Select Partners, which means that we are accredited by the search engines that your clients use the most. This connection gives our specialists access to the newest features and beta programs so that Sokal can deliver the best possible PPC service. This also allows our agency experts to optimize your ads for the latest in PPC services as search engine best practices evolve over time. Best of all, Sokal allows you to choose your campaigns and the area of your business you would like to grow through PPC advertising.

When you partner with Sokal, you partner with our entire industry-leading agency. Our naturally-optimized landing pages help us rank higher in pay-per-click ads. These ads are designed around the keywords your future clients are using in their Internet searches. Together, Sokal’s PPC offerings allow unbeatable attention for your business, effectively getting you noticed by customers and growing your business. Get heightened customer attention in your area with Sokal’s PPC services.

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Reaching potential clients is the one and only sure-fire way to successfully grow and maintain a business. Sokal’s experts will employ display and video programmatic marketing techniques proven to increase brand awareness and expand your business’ success. Our team will launch pre-roll video advertising in optimum placement areas tailored to best reach your targeted demographic.

What You Get:

  • Light blue chevronTargeted pre-roll and data layering
  • Light blue chevronIdeal ad placements
  • Light blue chevronDemographic-filtered advanced audience targeting
  • Light blue chevronData-gathering in-house technology
  • Light blue chevronGeo-radius targeted marketing
  • Light blue chevronMessages with a strong call to action

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Programmatic advertising is a strategy-driven marketing approach proven to reach a wider scope of consumers within your industry’s target clientele. How do you make sure that your advertisements are being seen by the customers you want to reach? Sokal’s programmatic specialists have the latest collection of in-house technology necessary for surveying potential local clientele and marketing to likely buyers. Our agency utilizes data-driven audience targeting methods to ensure that your advertisements will reach those who have shown interest in your business. Sokal’s programmatic experts also offer different campaigns so that you can find the programmatic package that works best for you and your agency.

Our agency’s programmatic specialists offer extensive device compatibility and premium ad targeting to the most popular sources of lead-generating entertainment: connected television and OTT devices; local news, weather, and sports channels; digital streaming methods of entertainment; and much more. These campaigns are stratified based on cost, scope, and effectivity to give you and your business the options necessary to find what works best for you. Each of these services is paired with our advanced resources of analytical data sourcing technology to target the audiences who have shown interest in your business, services, and even the business of your competitors. We promote brand impressions and target likely buyers to give you the best programmatic services possible.

Sokal’s Estimated Lead Time from setup to a live campaign is 7 days, so you don’t have to wait around to get the word out about your agency. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more about our extensive range of programmatic plans and services. Reach potential customers before they reach you with Sokal’s programmatic team.

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Email Marketing

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The best way to stay in touch with your current customers and grow your pool of potential clients is to contact them directly. Our agency offers the most effective email marketing campaigns designed for the latest in consumer behavioral analytics. Let our email marketing team deliver your messages straight to consumer inboxes.

What You Get:

  • Light blue chevronConquest Email campaigns to reach potential clients
  • Light blue chevronInternal Email targeting to motivate current clients and leads
  • Light blue chevronData-Driven Target campaigns constructed with the latest technology
  • Light blue chevronAnalytical in-house services
  • Light blue chevronInterpersonal marketing strategies
  • Light blue chevronIncreased brand awareness

Our agency offers expanded data-driven targeted campaigns that use our analytic filters to target email display, pre-roll, and other effective advertising methods directly to the inbox of your leads. We use the email addresses generated by our optimized websites to gather source information about your interested clientele. Our agency offers the best email marketing strategies to date, providing continued improvements based on what is most likely to engage readers.

Sokal’s Conquest Email campaigns are targeted in client DMAs to users who are likely to show interest in your products or services. These emails target based on ideal demographic for your business, including filters based on age, gender, income. These filters can be altered based on your industry to best reach your future clients. Sokal’s Conquest Email campaigns proactively create brand awareness and product interest so that you become your area's go-to champion business.

Our Internal Email marketing services work by sending emails to your internal database of leads and clients. This marketing strategy can reach your customers to promote sales events or service deals without hurting your own internal performance. We offer detailed reports, which monitor open rates and click rates to keep you in the loop about how our agency’s services are helping you grow your business. These services can also record who opened and clicked on your messages so that we can send special targeted messages to the clients most interested in your services. Sokal’s Internal Email campaign works with your existing pool of leads and clients to help get them through your doors and create life-long customer connections.

At Sokal, our email marketing experts constantly test and improve subject lines to optimize engagement rates, so you know you are getting an enhanced email marketing team when you partner with us. If you are looking for a team of email marketers skilled in getting your business noticed by putting you directly in contact with interested consumers, Sokal is the agency you want on your side.

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Media Strategy

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Sokal takes a research-based approach to selecting media and delivering results for our clients. We work closely with you to ensure your message targets the right audience at the right time. Our team will deliver the best possible media strategy for your decided budget, which typically includes an added value to your campaign with unique offerings such as $0 media spots, premium ad positioning, and customer promotions.

Our media buyers conduct market research, Polk database research, and market master research to make sure you are getting the most out of your ad placements. We have partnerships with internet providers like Spectrum so that you can reach audiences everywhere they watch TV. Our team of media strategists are skilled in pre-roll video and display advertising on some of the most well-known digital streaming services. Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and Amazon are only the beginning of the streaming services Sokal can target for your business.

TV is not dying—it’s evolving and reaching viewers in a different and complicated way. Sokal removes this complication for you with a targeted and successful Connected TV strategy (CTV). Our CTV strategy is an extension of your television campaign and it allows us to geographically target TV impressions. So if you are looking for an agency that has many advertising capabilities, Sokal is the right partner for you. Make it easier for customers to find your business quickly. Let our media strategists craft a plan that works for your company.