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The Sokal Production Studio takes our comprehensive range of services to the next level with our full-scale, professional video production team. Here you will find our in-house broadcasting studio that has evolved into a full-service video production department over the course of two years. We offer high-end, original videography, drone filming, full editing capabilities, creative concepting and direction for both automotive and non-automotive clients.

The Sokal Production Studio features a wide range of advanced editing software and video production equipment, including green screen access. Our experts are trained in the latest video editing techniques and technology to keep your company ahead of the market’s trends. All of our video production work is produced directly out of our Raleigh, NC office and adapted to meet the needs of clients nationwide.

This Sokal department allows clients to access custom, quality video services within a company that knows how your brand is represented across the board. Each campaign is crafted to meet your company’s production needs in a manner that will exceed your highest expectations. We see your video through from conception to production, ensuring that you get unique, exceptional results that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Graphic Design

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Sokal’s team of award-winning graphic designers strives to meet the ever-increasing, fast-paced technology demands of the client. Whether it’s print, web, or digital media, our skilled artists can provide you with stunning visuals that are sure to grab attention. Our design team will take your vision to the next level by providing the tone and direction of creative production while also making sure that it matches your company’s brand standards.

For dealerships, Sokal’s account coordinators and artists work together to make sure that all automotive clients’ print and digital media, logos, and vehicle advertisements appeal to consumers while staying within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The design team stays up-to-date on all of the latest art trends and are dedicated to creating iconic and meaningful brands that will connect with your audience. With the full Adobe Creative Suite at their disposal, the creative power of our artists is unlimited. Whether you need a newspaper ad, logo, web banner, eye-catching email marketing graphics, or any other advertisement designs, Sokal’s artists have the experience and skill necessary to give you the best creative services possible.


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In addition to Sokal’s staff of in-house web developers, a UX/UI team is ready to create the best possible experience for your digital visitors. Sokal doesn’t need to rely on a third-party company to implement the best UX and UI practices. Our designers are experienced and capable of executing the design process from start to finish so that your website is attractive while remaining easy for users to navigate.

Our UX designers will create wireframes, storyboards, and sitemaps to make sure the flow of your website suits your company’s needs while meeting users on the platforms they most widely use. Every Sokal site is fully responsive and can be viewed on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. We conduct a competitor and customer analysis to make sure that we give you a website, application, or custom template that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Sokal’s UX/UI team is knowledgeable in some of the most powerful design programs such as those found in the Adobe Creative Suite. Whether you just need a campaign of landing pages, a responsive website, or a custom login interface, Sokal’s UX team is sure to deliver a tested and successful product that will increase your digital productivity.


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Here at Sokal, our award-winning, in-house photographer provides services in our internal photography studio and on location for our clients. With this service, our clients can take their advertising and branding to a whole new level. These professionally edited photos will transform your website with a clean and cohesive look. Our photography service includes feature vehicle images, customer interactions, employee headshots, exterior and interior shots of company location, and custom images for digital and print advertising.

We understand the value of your time and business, which is why efficiency remains key when accommodating our clients’ busy schedules. Sokal’s photographer doubles as a graphic designer, so our photography services are informed by a dynamic understanding of branding standards and design visuals for your company. When on location, our photographer is relatable, fun, and professional. Our goal at Sokal is to provide a personal and professional touch while offering the unique advantage of having custom photography services to personalize your agency services and promote your company’s brand.