The Car Wash Lodge

Website Design

The Goal

The Car Wash Lodge needed a newly designed responsive website to better help their customers navigate prices, locations, and appointments. They needed a new color theme and custom form submission system to help track leads.

The Outcome

Sokal provided a custom website with custom graphics, a new color palette, new pricing chart organization, Website analytics, tracking, reporting, and SEO, plus a fully editable form submission system to help customers inquire about appointments.

Car Wash Lodge Website

Light blue chevron A split CTA was used so that the two most popular avenues could be explored.

Light blue chevron Below the fold, all three of The Car Wash Lodge鈥檚 strong-suits are showcased.

Light blue chevron Both locations are displayed so that readers are aware they can choose from two different stores.

Car Wash Lodge Package Tables

Project Scope

  • Light blue chevron New Website Design
  • Light blue chevron Form Submission
  • Light blue chevron Graphic Design
  • Light blue chevron UI/UX
  • Light blue chevron Google Analytics
  • Light blue chevron Lead Tracking


Sokal began this project by meeting with the owners of the Car Wash Lodge to better understand why they desired a new website. The first thing our team did was create a brand new pricing layout, with custom iconography that better explained the differences in car wash packages as well as the various pricing.

Car Wash Lodge Form

Light blue chevron A new form was created so that customers could choose which detail package they want ahead of time.

Light blue chevron An integrated calendar and time feature was created so viewers can choose which day they would like to come to the car wash.

Light blue chevron The option to choose location was included so that customers could make extra sure they were selecting the right location.


Within one month, The Car Wash Lodge more than doubled the amount of detail appointments and monumentally increased sales. Website traffic increased 100% on both desktop and mobile, and detail revenue increased more than 42% in the first month. Retargeting campaigns and SEM ads were put in place to ensure previous visitors would be led back to packages that intrigued them.

The Car Wash Lodge had never been able to receive lead submissions from their website, so the amount of leads is almost incalculable due to the heavy amount of submissions within the first month. The clean and easy to use navigation allows users to quickly find what they need with the best way to get in contact and schedule a cleaning. Here is Janie Styers, one of the Managers, full review of our work:

The Carwash Lodge has been completely thrilled with our Sokal team. This started from the moment three young talented Sokal employees, Conner, Drew, and Katie, walked into our office to talk about a new website. Sokal is a group of very creative and enthusiastic people that set up our website such that it has increased the revenue in our Detail Department by 42% over the same period of time last year. This is all due to the award winning website they created for us, it is awesome! The website is clean and easy to navigate as well as giving great basic information about the washes and the detail services our customers desire.

Sokal assigns you a personal account manager and ours is fabulous! We love meeting in person with Derek every month to get the lowdown on how the website has performed and usually speak with him several times during the month for added support with marketing ideas, projects and designs. We never had anything remotely like this with the previous company managing our website. They are very quick to make any changes to the website that we request, usually within minutes, sometimes hours, never days. In addition to the website we are trying out some other avenues of marketing with Sokal but can鈥檛 speak to the results of those newly initiated but we are excited about the relationship we have with the Sokal team and know they will steer the marketing of the Car Wash Lodge to the pinnacle of marketing performance. Thank you Sokal!

American Web Design Awards Winner

Over the summer, the Car Wash Lodge website was entered to the GDUSA Graphic Design Awards contest and won the award for American Web Design. The Car Wash Lodge Staff was pleased with this announcement and wanted to make sure that we included it here. You can find a link to their full website below to see other aspects of the design.

We look forward to increasing The Car Wash Lodge鈥檚 marketing efforts and making sure customers can find them. Be sure to check back once those efforts mentioned above come to fruition.

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